What Are your Barriers to Remote Access. Safety. Security. Technology.

Members of OMAC's Remote Access Workgroup are creating a comprehensive best-practices handbook for remote monitoring. It includes companies like yours who are looking for solutions for secure and safe remote access to machines. 

We collaborate and share knowledge. We create guidelines and best practices. We help each other navigate IT and OT to make the most of their machine assets, business practices, and multi-vendor interactions.

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Practical Guide for Remote Access

In Sep 2020, OMAC convened a workgroup of 37 industry leaders from across the globe to define best practices for secure Remote Access to plant equipment. The result is a 90-page guide providing a comprehensive guide of the benefits, trends, and challenges of Remote Access. The report balances the requirements of end users, plant operators, IT departments, and equipment and solution suppliers. The guide is available free of charge to all individuals in manufacturing and the public at large.

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OpX Leadership Network’s Remote Equipment Access Options Analysis

Click below to learn more about the OpX Remote Equipment Access work product that provides a common understanding of the relative pros and cons of various common industry methodologies for remotely accessing equipment installed in manufacturing facilities.

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