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The 2021 OMAC Board elections results are in!
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When manufacturers work together to create standards and share best practices whole industries benefit.

Shape the Future of Automation with the OMAC Packaging Workgroup (OPW)

Improve efficiency, integration, productivity and quality.

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Drive Digital Twin Manufacturing with the OMAC Manufacturing Workgroup (OMW)

Improve design, production, remote diagnostics and collaboration.

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Create Remote Access Best Practices with the OMAC Digital Transformation Workgroup (DTW)

Improve safety and security for remote connectivity.

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OMAC Vision:

Transforming and simplifying automation for the world's future, today.

omac mission:

Provide collaborative thought leadership, standards and support to automation professionals enabling their organizations to save time, money and resources, creating room for innovation.

Our Members Set the Standard

Facing Automation Challenges? OMAC has the solutions.