The Digital Transformation Workgroup

Bringing together the people and companies redefining manufacturing to develop guidelines for remote interfacing with automation systems. 

What is the Digital Transformation Workgroup?
The COVID-19 crisis has pushed manufacturers to actively develop plans for “lights out” factories and supply chains.  

OMAC believes a collaborative review is needed to create a comprehensive best-practices handbook for remote monitoring services that will help manufacturing companies allow secure remote access to machines and automation systems on the plant floor. 

This Workgroup focuses on timing, safety and security procedures when allowing inbound connections that link to specific machines and automation systems. This work is essential because inbound connections are more complex and hold more risk than the more common outbound connections.

What's in it for you?

Video 1: Digital Transformation AccessVideo 2: Digital Transformation Access
Companies that attend:
This workgroup is comprised of an ecosystem of End Users from major manufacturing companies, OEMs (Original Equipment Manufacturers), System Integrators and Vendors of Automation Equipment.

Already Participating:

End Users:
SIs & Vendors:

Recognizing ei3’s 20-year history in providing secure remote access to its clients, OMAC has selected ei3 to head up the workgroup.

Mark Fondl, VP of product management – Remote Access, ei3, and president, ICT Global, is the Digital Transformation Workgroup team leader. He has more than 40 years of experience in industrial automation and networking.

To join the workgroup, you’ll need to join OMAC.  If you are already an OMAC member, you can join the workgroup by reaching out to Mark Fondl at  To join OMAC, simply fill out the membership form and an OMAC representative will contact you.