Ethernet Networks Construction in Manufacturing

OMAC's Digital Transformation Workgroup is launching a new initiative aimed at reviewing the different ways Ethernet networks are constructed in manufacturing. While Ethernet networks are not new, their implementation for industrial automation applications can be challenging. The objective of this project is to explore and provide insight into the reason behind the different architectures and their corresponding benefits.

OMAC invites end users, OEMs, system integrators, and technology providers to join the Workgroup, which will be moderated by industry experts. The Workgroup will examine a wide range of architectures, including lower-level I/O networks, enterprise connectivity, common ip addressing, monitoring and diagnostics, VLANs, wireless and 5G applications.

The Workgroup will be led by industrial Ethernet expert, Mark Fondl, co-author of the recently published book on EtherNet/IP, Gary Workman, and David Gutshall, a former end-user focused on networks and currently working at Cisco on Industrial Ethernet. Gary's expertise in establishing the EtherNet/IP strategy for Ethernet-based control system networks at General Motors has been invaluable. Together, Mark, Gary, and David bring over 50 years of collective experience in industrial Ethernet networks, making them the ideal leaders for this project.

The tentative agenda includes: