Why Join OMAC?

The OMAC Corporate Membership Program is designed to provide a value-added proposition for its members through a communication and collaboration mechanism that enables, promotes, and facilitates:

  1. The identification of members’ common interests, concerns, and problems.
  2. The creation of a solution to the identified problems.
  3. The development of guidelines for the overall improvement of the industry.

Corporate benefits and membership dues vary and are based on the corporate membership categories.

OMAC Corporate Membership Categories

End Users
Companies and organizations that purchase OMAC-based automation equipment to produce commercial and/or military products.

Technology Providers
Companies and organizations that (1) seek to develop and/or supply OMAC compliant systems and components, and/or (2) gather, analyze, and disseminate business and technology information on OMAC technologies.

System Integrators
Companies and organizations that specialize in bringing together OMAC compliant component subsystems into a whole and ensuring that those subsystems function together.

Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM)/Machine Builders
Companies that supply automation, manufacturing, assembly, and process equipment with integrated OMAC compliant technologies.

Non-Commercial Organizations
Non-commercial organizations such as non-profit institutions, universities, academic institutions, or government agencies and organizations.

OMAC Corporate Membership Terms & Fees

Membership Type

Dues Structure

Annual Sales Under $5 Million

Annual Sales of $5 to $50 Million

Annual Sales Over $50 Million







End Users, Technology Providers, Systems Integrators, and OEMs/Machine Builders

Non-Commercial Organizations

Term of Membership
OMAC memberships fall under two cycles, June-July, or January-December, and are for a one-year period.

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OMAC Corporate Member Benefits


End Users, Technology Providers, Systems Integrators, and OEMs/Machine Builders

Non-Commercial Organizations

Company or Organizational logo listed on OMAC website and link to company website

Access to OMAC best practices and technical guidelines (e.g., OPW Packaging Guidelines, ORW Secure Best Practices)

Use of the OMAC and OMAC workgroup logos

Opportunity to post an organizational article in the OMAC Update newsletter

Listing as an OMAC Corporate Member on OMAC mailings and promotions (where appropriate)

One seat on the OMAC technical advisory board (TAB)

20% company employee discount to all OMAC conferences and symposiums

Access to OMAC Workgroups via direct introduction to Workgroup Chairs

Have Questions?
Please contact OMAC Customer Service at or call (571) 449-3234.

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