The Results are In!

It's Official: The results of OMAC’s 2021 Board of Directors’ election are in. This election had five nominees to choose from for three open seats on the OMAC Board of Directors.

Those elected to the Board of Directors (in alphabetical order) are as follows:

Mike Hogan, Milacron Plastics Technologies Group LLC (OEM)
Milacron recently joined OMAC to participate in the Secure Remote Access Workgroup. They are an avid user of secure connectivity for their plastics equipment and have commercialized some groundbreaking techniques to use the Industrial IoT to capture and analyze machine data for predictive failure analytics. Hogan heads up their engineering team and can bring his skills, knowledge and experience to OMAC. Prior to Milacron, Hogan spent fifteen years in Automotive Electronics product development. He has been awarded many patents, mostly in electronics packaging and IoT.

Christopher Hough, ProMach (OEM/Technology Provider)
Hough is the General Manager of ProMach's ZPI division. He was the architect behind several of ZPI's technology offerings, including the open-state model, which focuses on allowing automated system integrations using the PackML standard. During 2016-2017 Hough was involved as a contributing member of PMMI's OpX - Secure Vendor Access team. In 2018 he was selected to lead the OMAC OEE Implementation Guide team, which was released the following year. He has given OMAC presentations at PACK EXPO, The Automation Conference and the F4SS Forum.

Kjell Erik Meier, Tronrud Engineering (OEM)
Meier is a senior engineering resource responsible for Tronrud Engineering Packaging Technology’s(TEPT) PackML standardization. He has worked for 14 years with automation, focusing on high-level automation. TEPT has now standardized all development on the PackML standard and are supplying packaging equipment worldwide. Their technology is based on advanced servo technology and fully automated setup and change over and their goal is to supply flexible and easy to use machinery with high degree of digitalization implemented such as IIoT and predictive maintenance.This work is managed by Meier.

Congratulations to the new OMAC members elected to the Board of Directors. The newly elected members join the following board members continuing their terms.

-       Ron MacDonald, Nestlé; OMAC Board Chair
-       Spencer Cramer, ei3Corporation; OMAC Board Secretary
-       Jason Debruler, Procter& Gamble; OMAC Vice Chairman
-       John Uber, Mettler Toledo; OMAC Board Member
-       Larry Elliott, WestRock, OMAC Board Member